We offer a very cost-effective option for creating Floor Plans.

Gone are the days of walking around a building with a tape measure and note pad. Only to find that when you get back to the office, you have missed a critical dimension, meaning you have to revisit the job.

When we have process the 3d scan information, we are able to produce a point cloud which can then be imported into all of the industry standard design software, eg. Recap, Autocad.

We can convert the point cloud data into 2d floor plans which can be used by Architects and designers, along with Real estate professionals.

From a combination of the point cloud and the 2d floor plans we then create 3d floor plans. These can be used for Architectural design, interior decorators, route planning throughout a building and Real estate marketing.

Scroll through our two workflows below – We Capture a 3D ‘dolls house’, convert it to a 2D floorplan, we then create a 3D floorplan and finish with a 3D tour video.

Hire our services today and create fluid and immersive content that will convert clients.